HOW TO: Iron-On Embroidered Patches

DIYbannerpatchesHave you seen our selection of patches recently? You might have noticed that we carry a plethora of amazing embroidered designs ready to be sewn onto your denim vest, jacket, bag, etc. But I hear you out there. Maybe you never took Home Ec 101 - or maybe you're just all thumbs and don't trust yourself with a needle and thread. Well, lucky you! Most of the patches we carry are also IRON-ON patches, meaning there's an adhesive on the back  that allows you to simply iron them onto most garments without breaking a sweat (or your skin). PATCHES-WHATSNEEDED Here's what you'll need: A clean, dry garment (Tip: check the care label! If the garment's care label has an image of an iron on it that's been X'ed out, DO NOT iron your patch onto it!) An iron-on patch An iron An ironing board (or heat-resistant surface) A bandana, pillowcase, or thin towel PATCHES-STEP1Step 1. Lay your garment flat on a heat-resistant surface. If you don't have an ironing board, and you can't borrow your mom's, layer a couple of towels on top of a sturdy, flat surface. PATCHES-STEP2Step 2. Position your patch where you want it right side up (the back adhesive side should be laying flat against the garment). PATCHES-STEP3Step 3. Lay a cotton bandana (a pillowcase or thin towel will also work) over top of the patch. PATCHES-STEP4Step 4. Heat the iron up to it's hottest setting and press it firmly onto the bandana that's covering your patch. Hold it down for about 20 seconds, making sure you've ironed over the entire area of the patch. PATCHES-STEP5Step 5. Remove the iron and check the edges of the patch. If the edges aren't sealed down yet, put the bandana back over top of the patch, and press firmly down for another 10 seconds. Repeat this step as necessary until the patch is securely sealed down. Once all edges are sealed, you're good to go! Now go out there and step up your patch game!
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