DIY With Sourpuss!: Tattoo Flash Manicure

DIYbannerdecals naildecals_0 We've created some really fun waterslide nail decals that are sure to give your nails an instant dose of awesome! Just follow along with our handy dandy tutorial below to get your own flashy manicure. We suggest starting with nails that are painted a light color if you plan to use the full color images, but the black only decals work well on any color as long as it's not too dark. naildecals_1 What You'll Need: naildecals_2 STEP ONE: Cut out desired image from the sheet of nail decals. Be sure to cut as close to the image as possible. naildecals_3 STEP TWO: Immerse nail decal into small dish of water. Let soak for 20 seconds or so. Once it's done soaking, remove from water with tweezers. naildecals_4 STEP THREE: If the decal has been soaked long enough, it should easily slide off of the paper backing. If not, immerse again for an additional 5-10 seconds. I find it's easiest to slide the decal off the backing by rubbing it between my index finger and thumb. naildecals_5 STEP FOUR: Place the decal onto a clean, dry nail. Press firmly into place and gently smooth out any creases or air bubbles. If the decal isn't in the position you prefer, you can move it around on your nail by pressing down firmly and shifting it that way. naildecals_6 STEP FIVE: Once the decal is where you want it, let it dry for a minute or two. Seal with your favorite clear top coat, being careful to not drag it over the decal too much. Doing so can make the image bleed. STEP SIX: You're done! Go on and admire your awesome manicure! Our nail decals are also available in a Spooky Babe set. You can get them here.
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