Make Us a Krampus and Win Some Scratch at Sourpuss!

Krampus_Contest_Blog We're having another contest for our creative folks out there! Everyone's got a chance to win a $5o Sourpuss gift certificate (and 2 runner's-up will win a $25 gift certificate) just by making us a Krampus! You know, everyone's favorite evil, kid-stealing holiday no-goodnik? Yup. Just make us YOUR version of a Krampus and send it over. Contest Rules: Contest will begin December 7th at and run Until December 14th at 5pm (EST). Winners Will be announced after 1pm on Dec. 15th. Entrants must be over the age of 18. By entering,  you agree to allow Sourpuss to display your submitted artwork(s) on our website and other social media sites, and that you are the owner of said images (This means NO STEALING someone else's artworks or designs.) There will be 1 (one) Winner and 2 (two) Runner's Up. Send All Submissions To: Justin (at)  with the Subject line: 'Krampus Contest'. Please include your Full Name, Email Address, Photo of your Krampus Design(s), and a brief description of what your Krampus is all about! Entry Criteria: Have fun! Make us a unique can be in any medium! Bonus points will be awarded for including a Sourpuss Item in your designs. Entries will be judged on creativity, effort, and sheer awesomeness by a panel of in house Krampus experts. We've picked our Winners! Congrats to our 3 winners! We got a ton of amazing entries, and were bummed we had to narrow it down to 3...but here they are! Check your inboxes guys, we'll be contacting you with how to obtain your gift certificates later today! Hit the jump at the bottom of the post to see all the other awesome entries! 1st place: Brit Austin Brit Austin 2 Runners Up: Perry Santulli + Linnea Pecsenye Runners_Up Oh man oh man oh man....look at all this gorgeous art! Seriously, you guys are the best, it was so hard to pick just 3 winners! Krampus_Entries_2 Krampus_Entries_1
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