Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for Junk Food Junkies

topten_junkfood1 I know I know, who doesn't love pizza and burgers and ice cream? Well, we are sure to have just the perfect thing for that lover of all the deliciously unhealthy delicacies on your list. From housewares to clothing to accessories, with these gifts you might just be their new favorite! topten_junkfood2 1.) This Yummy Pizza Pillow is so realistic we won't be surprised if they try to take a bite out of it! Just make sure they don't leave any drool marks, ok? 2.) Carry a chilly treat with you no matter the temp outside! This sweet (hardy har har) phone case features a strawberry ice cream cone in all it's melty goodness. 3.) What's better than pizza AND funny ladies? The two combined in this awesome Funny Broads Pizza Party mini coloring book zine from Betty Turbo! Color in the likes of Tina Fey, Kristen Schaal, Amy Sedaris, Mindy Kaling and more. 4.) Pork makes a pin for any taste: the Eat Me! burger, the slice of pizza, and the classic All American hot dog. They look great pinned to any vest or jacket! 5.) Featuring a 1" platform and a 5" heel, these Cyclo Burger Platform Heels from Iron Fist are sure to make her the best dressed gal in any burger joint. Plus, there's a french fry pattern on the inside! 6.) This Burger and Fries Office Set is actually a pencil sharpener disguised as a burger and an eraser parading as fries. Perfect for adding a fun touch to their otherwise boring desk! 7.) Do you know someone who is a master griller who salivates at the mention of the word "hamburger"? Then this Burger Flipper Metal Spatula may be just the thing! This sucker is heavy duty and sure to last many backyard barbecues to come. 8.) Bacon. Body. Wash. Need we say anymore? Just don't come crying to us if all of the neighborhood dogs suddenly start running after you! 9.) Keep their head warm while they declare their love of all that is cheesy and gooey with our Pizza Slices Knit Hat. 10.) Pyknic makes a bunch of great food themed apparel, like this Follow Your Gut t-shirt for dudes. Just follow your gut to wherever the hot dogs may be!
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