We're Having A Sourpuss Hand Turkey Contest!

Flat Shots Contest Rules: Contest will begin November 16th at and run Until Nov. 23 at 9am (EST). Winners Will be announced after 1pm on Nov. 23. Entrants must be over the age of 18. By entering,  you agree to allow Sourpuss to display your submitted photos on our website and other social media sites, and that you are the owner of said images (This means NO STEALING someone else's hand turkey.) There will be 1 (one) Winner and 2 (two) Runner's Up. Send All Submissions To: Justin (at) Sourpussclothing.com  with the Subject line: 'Hand Turkey Contest'. Please include your Full Name, Email Address, Photo of your Original Hand Turkey, and a brief description of your turkey. Entry Criteria: Have fun! Make us a unique and original hand turkey in any medium: candy, crochet, paint, sculpture, song: go nuts! Bonus points for including a Sourpuss Item in your design. Entries will be judged on creativity, effort, and sheer awesomeness by a panel of in house hand turkey experts. UPDATE: The entries have all been tallied...and we have some winners! See their entries below, and ALL the entries after the page break! (Winners: Check your emails, we'll be sending you your gift certificates shortly.) Congrats to 1st place winner: G. Junfa!gunal Junfa 2 And also our Runners Up: T. Sidebottom + J. Reed! Runners_Up All_the_Turkeys_2 All_the_Turkeys_1
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