Hey Dudes...Here's a Top 10 (OK...9) List of Our New Favorites. Just for You.

New-Dudes Hey there fellas. We know. You don't all love to go out and hunt around for the finest new clothes that'll fit you perfectly, be rugged, and make you look as handsome as we know you are. It's just not a thing that every dude loves to do. Well. Don't worry: we're here to make things a little easier for you. We're serving you up a curated list of some of our favorite new gear for fellas. Check out the list below, and click the links to shop each item...couldn't be easier to get all decked out. 1. Fred Perry Polo: A classic. This shirt is an absolute must in every closet. Simple. Fitted. Iconic. There's really not much more you need to say. These new colorways are fall-perfect. 2. Kustom Kreeps Switchblade Toiletry bags: Justin here. I have this bag. I use it on EVERY trip: whether that's camping in the middle of nowhere or a week away somewhere less challenging. Perfectly sized to carry all your necessities without being too bulky. Plus: Switchblades. 3. Merc Plaid Button Down: The Devil's in the details on this shirt. Perfectly cut. Buttoned collar to keep your shit in place. Union Jack sleeve buttons. The end. 4. Kustom Kreeps Gravedigger Tie: Because, you need a tie, why not have it covered in subtle skulls and coffins? 5. Pyknic Follow Your Gut Tee: Because sometimes you need an uber-comfortable tee  with a dancing hot dog. Duh. 6. I Have the Power Soap from Arcane Bunny: Slay the evils of stink with all the power of Eternia with this soap that's strong enough for the manliest of He-Men. 7. Tripp Moto Jacket: Motorcycle Jacket. Denim Motorcycle Jacket. Nuff said. 8. Beard Wash + Oil from Beard Buddy: Hey there fuzz face. You got a beard? Cool. You keep that thing groomed? We hope so. We're here to help. So is Beard Buddy. These oils and washes will help you keep that chin sweater in order. 9. Rebel 8 Standard Issue Hoodie: Everyone loves a hoodie. There's no reason not to. If you want one that is as bold as it is understated: Rebel 8 Standard Issue's got you.
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