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cats If you've been a Sourpuss customer for a while now you know one of our go to brands for a bit of morbid, yet brightly colored, fun is Iron Fist. Every season exciting creations arrive made from snarling teeth, Care Bears, and tacos oh my! No matter the imagination bomb, it's easy to say you need at least one Iron Fist item in your life! So what items should you be excited about this season? Bat Royalty will keep your Halloween spirits up all year round with their use of soft velvet and chiffon bat details throughout their line of dresses, shoes, and accessories. This Iron Fist collaboration features Ash Costello of the band New Years Day and is already flying off the Sourpuss warehouse shelves! Did you know Iron Fist now wants to help bring out your inner Sporty Spice (heh, heh, c'mon friendship is forever you guys!)? The new IF athletic line features some gruesome prints sure to cast off any unwanted male or female attention. (you know..."if they wanna be your lover") Need a new pair of shoes? Iron Fist always goes above and beyond in the shoe department. This season's winners include black cat flats, bat heels, and sugar daddy flats, as well as some faux web lace detailed heels. All vegan, if yer'  into that sorta thing. Last but not least check out their amazingly cute and adorably strange sweaters to keep you warm this Winter. Along with the usual assortment of kitschy and cute accessories, you can have a statement piece for every category of your wardrobe. For updates on the Ash Costello x Iron Fist Collaboration you can click on the photo below to check out Ash Costello's Instagram! bat_royalty
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