Free Shipping on $100+ Domestic Retail Orders at Sourpuss!

Free_Shipping_Mailer_1a Even though we all dislike that holiday creep that sneaks up this time of's an inevitability. We're gonna try to ease the sting of gift-buying as much as we can this season: starting now. From today Nov. 2 thru Nov. 23 we're offering free shipping to our US retail customers on orders of $100 an up. It's simple, just grab $100+ worth of stuff (you know..for gifts / yourself / whatever) and choose the USPS Free shipping option at checkout, and voila, you're all set. No code necessary. Free_Shipping_Mailer_2a Need a little add on to hit that free shipping price? Want to spruce up the ol' WC while you're at it? There's no better way to kill those 2 birds with one stone than snagging a set (or 3) of our new Bathroom towels. Monsters, anchors, and skulls...what else could you need for a complete, super soft, creep-tastic bathroom? See them HERE. Free_Shipping_Mailer_4a Finally: we know these free-shipping promos can bum out our international customers. They usually end up getting the short end of the Free-Shipping stick. International shipping is pricey for everybody involved, unfortunately...until now. Using our new FedEx Mailview system, we can offer 3-4 week shipping for a severely reduced rate for small packages to our overseas buds! Check out more details + info HERE.
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