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"She's a part of the assembly line, she's making history, working for victory, Rosie the Riveter.  - “Rosie the Riveter”, John Jacob Loeb/Redd Evans (1943)

Rosie the Riveter started out as a propaganda fueled recruitment campaign by the U.S. government to get American women to join the work force during World War II. The iconic poster featuring a woman with her sleeve rolled up showing off her strength became one of the most popular images of the era. At the time, I doubt they could foresee the lasting impact that Rosie would have on feminism and women everywhere. She’s become a feminist icon! And now…an action figure!

The geniuses at Archie McPhee have done it again with the new Rosie the Riveter action figure. Her legs and arms are jointed so she’s able to be posed just like her famous poster. She’s great for hanging out on your desk or kicking the butts of those pesky G.I. Joes!

If action figures aren’t your thing…maybe you’re looking for that Rosie the Riveter classic look? Check out our Rosie Anchor dress and the Rosie bandana in “True Blue” by Lil Lou Lou!

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