New Purses That Will Make You Swoon

REPOP-PURSE   Brace yourselves; an all-new purse is here… the Sourpuss Repop Purse! This retro inspired purse will surely cause any vintage lovin’ gal to simply swoon. But wait, it get’s better. This fab new purse comes in four different color ways: gold glitter, turquoise glitter, red glitter, and black. Have fun trying to pick just one! COVER-GIRL-SQ How about a revamped color for one of our favorite purse lines? The Bettie Page Centerfold and Cover Girl purses have just arrived in a stunning new shade of blue! Pictured above: Sourpuss Bettie Page Cover Girl Purse, Bettie Page Alicia Heels, Charcoal Designs Mermaid Brooch
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