Keep it Kitschy

HOUSEWARES-GTL-KITSCH Has anyone ever told you that your fabulous taste for all things kitsch is a problem? Well let that Debbie downer go! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, or in your kitchen! Give your kitchen a mini makeover with just a few simple items that all perfectly compliment each other. Our Bettie Page Motel Apron & Tea Towel are a great starting point, so have fun and add on from there. With items like the Super Star Salt and Pepper Shakers (OMG they kiss!), Popsicle Baking Spatula, and anything from Atomic Diner you’ll be a boss of all things baking.* Make sure to check out all of our housewares here! *Becoming an instant boss of all things baking not guaranteed with purchase – bummer.
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