Halloween Get the Look: The Grudge

THE-GRUDGE-1 Sometimes the most simple costumes are the most terrifying! Live out your vengeance in the afterlife with this Grudge inspired costume concoction! Customer Service Super Lady Anne Marie shows off one of her favorite horror scares with this rendition of Kayako from Ju-On or The Grudge, whichever version is your favorite. Want to transform yourself into a wrathful spirit? Well here's what you'll need: This Hips and Hair I Hate you Dress will help you express your feelings when the cats got your tongue. (No one understands soul sucking screeching, no one!) Tumbling down the stairs all broken body-like will pose no problem when chasing your prey in this roomy over-sized cotton dress. Darken your eyes like the evil succubus you are with the help of Medusa's Makeup. Medusa's Eye Shadow in Amulet will give you that vacant stare while the Black Sabbath eye dust will add that extra body crushing intensity that you need. Need some ethereal looking skin to go with your glare, Medusa's Eye Dust pigment in white will have you twinkling like a creature from the great beyond. If you want to add Mar to the mix, this adorable little black cat pin is the perfect addition! Stay tuned next week for more Halloween fun, Sourpuss Style!!    
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