New From Lux De Ville!

gambler I have to say I love everything about the Lux De Ville Mini Gambler now available in Blue and Black! It is the perfect size to carry all your necessities (wallet, phone, make up) and is stylish enough to use as a fancier bag but also casual enough to be your everyday bag! You can even use the dice shaped baubles as a key chain! cruiser The Cruiser Totes are so fun and flirty! You can grab one in a classic red sparkle or if you need a little BLING in your life the gold is a knock out! Featuring a chevron embellishment on the front of a tuck and roll pocket that looks similar to the upholstery in a vintage cars back seat! This bag is truly a classic! starlite Also now in stock is the Starlite Kiss Lock Purse in black! Given its' name from the Starburst embellishment, This lovely trapezoid shaped handbag will be great for a night out.  It also has a matching wallet!  The one great thing about Lux De Ville Bags is you can mix and match the wallets with almost any purse. Be sure to check out ALL Lux De Ville items in stock!
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