School's Out Forever!

cats Here at Sourpuss, we firmly believe in one of the finest learning establishment around...the school of hard knocks. So that's why, whether it's awesome gear for your lil' hooligan or books to learn yer'self (and learn yer'self good), we're here to provide you with all your unconventional learning needs. Take a gander at our library for a plethora of information on tattoos, punk, hardcore, hip hop and more! But it's not just about books, although a life of books is a good one indeed! Whether you're in school or out, we have a selection of things to get you by just fine! Like to carry your stuff in an old school kinda' way? Check out this assortment of bags that are great for any of "life's students" on the go go go. Whether it's a traditional backpack or messenger bags these travel buddies will keep your load light...or at least easy to carry. Is comfort a must for Fall? Adorn yourself in one of our comfy tank tops with a pair of denim for a look that says "I'm hot, but I'm cold" all at the same time! Right now our End of Summer Sale features all tank tops and other transitional Fall essentials for 25% off. Plus our new Monster Creepers are Ah-mazing! I kid you not. Now that you're fully equipped, your journey into the vast unknown can be filled with good ol' life knowledge from your pals at Sourpuss. We've got a handful of stuff for real school know, in case you're into that sort of thing.  
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