Get the Look! Wednesday Addams~Halloween Edition!

WEDNESDAY_ADDAMS_1 Psssst! Fellow malcontents gather round! Halloween will be here before you know it and if you're anything like us, you'll want to prepare ahead of time. Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing some of our favorite costume ideas made from things you can wear all year long! Let's face it who wants to buy a pre-fab costume to wear just once when Halloween is your life! Everyday people...every damn day! First up is Sourpuss photographer Amanda!! Amanda is no stranger to the ghoulish side o' life and with her long black locks her costume idea was a no brainer. Now you too can be the ultimate mistress of misery, Wednesday Addams, with this Annie Dress from Steady. Juxtapose your cuteness with some creepy by pairing some adorable crocheted socks with a pair of Monster Fur Creepers! If you're going to be forced to leave the house during the daylight hours, why not toss a Sourpuss Bats Parasol over your shoulder. Prevents your mortal enemy the Sun from providing your skin with mood enhancing Vitamin D. Even the grouchiest ghouls need to carry around some essentials, store your nefarious belongings in a Kreepsville 666 Coffin Purse for easy access to the days sinister plans! Last but not least, a handy bottle to pick your poison will keep curious onlookers away and even more curious folks under foot. Phew, this Wednesday Addams is so good, Amanda may just have to wear this dress, forever! WEDNESDAY_ADDAMS_2
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