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CocktailTrayLooking to infuse your life with a little vintage charm? (Aren't we all?) Then you'll go bananas over these fabulous Cocktail Napkin Trays from Trixie & Milo! Transport your dolls & dandys (or just yourself!) to the bygone days of the Roaring 20's and straight to one of your favorite speakeasys, like the Bare Essential, where you'll be serving up - you guessed it - those bare essentials (without all that prohibition nonsense, of course!) If your heart belongs in Vegas- not to worry! You've hit the jackpot at Aces High, where the cocktails are flowing and you'll always get lucky. You'll be practically feeling that desert sun with this retro reminder of one of your favorite 60's Las Vegas lounges! These perfectly sized 6x6" porcelain trays will add a touch of class to your dwelling! Featuring cocktail napkin replicas from you favorite speakeasys & lounges, you'll be throwin' it way back to the good old days! Super versatile, these little beauties can be used any way that your little heart desires. Hold your tiniest treasures, hold your drinks, hold your snacks, hell - hold the phones! But don't hold your breath because I know these delightful blasts from the past won't last long!
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