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You can start your morning off right with a cup of steaming hot coffee in a well designed coffee mug by Trixie and Milo. These 3 mugs are reminiscent of 1950's coffee can designs. It will take you back in time to a period where men drank their coffee black! There are currently 3 designs to choose from whether you want a damn fine cup,  you want to share your morning coffee with your sweetheart, or you just need a cup to anchor down your day!


After your morning is started you might want to head down to your basement bar for some libations with some friends! These awesome pint glasses will not only help you get your fill of your favorite beer but they come with 2 dice that you can play a drinking game with your friends. Need to let the world know how big your rooster is? Or working hard to continue the Cirrhosis of your Liver or you just need to wrap your tentacles around a cold pint! These fun pint glasses will help you not only drink up but give you a reason to drink more!

shotglasses Maybe you are a drinker on the go! Well never fear you will be prepared like the boy scouts are when you have you fun portable and collapsible shot glass! These fun stainless steal cups collapse into a pocket watched size device that is easy to hook onto your belt loop or key ring! Each one includes an engraved brass lid that tells it like it is! Whether you just want to sip your Hooch, or knock one back Down the Hatch, either way you are telling your Liver to go f**k itself!


 Again to add to your drinking experience either inside the house or out! These fun key chain bottle openers will be your new best friend when you need to open that sweet craft beer! Not only does each opener come attached to a leather key fob they can be removed and will fit into any credit card slot in your wallet! How handy is that? There are 4 to openers from!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing items by Trixie & Milo! They also make fantastic flasks!

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