Grave Before Shave!

I have to say I really did not know how much maintenance there was having a beard till my boyfriend grew his out over the winter the past couple years. Every summer solstice he would shave it off and then grow it back right before winter. He would hit a point where he would want to shave it off due to the itch when he would first start growing it. So the 2nd year he did this I decided to purchase him some beard oil and he swears by them! Men's grooming products also make great Father's Day Gifts! oilsandbalm Beard Oil helps condition your skin under the beard which will relieve the itchiness that occurs when you are first growing it out. The trick is to only adding a small amount with the dropper close to the skin. You want to make sure you use an oil that is made of all natural ingredients! You do not want to use a bunch of chemicals you cannot pronounce next to your face! Grave Before Shave's beard oils are great. They come in a small glass bottle with a dropper. It makes it easy to drop a little oil on your skin through your beard. Once you have put a tiny bit in you want to massage it in. If you do this regularly your beard will start to get a little softer and easier to maintain. We currently have 3 scents in stock to get you through your day. Their OG scent is the original it has a pleasant citrus scent for a fresh clean feel. The Pine Scent will have you felling like a manly man like you are cutting down trees, actually it is not over powering but it is more masculine than the OG. My personal favorite is the Bay Rum! It has a strong spicy scent with hints of soothing coconut! And check out the amazing packaging on all of these! If you are going for the epic lumberjack beard look you might want to check out purchasing a beard balm! You know you will always have a couple wild and untamable  fly-aways. A beard balm works to keep your beard styled. It has a slight waxy feel to it and a little goes a long way. It is like pomade for your beard! To apply you just need a smidge and you will want to warm it up in your hands by rubbing your fingers together once it is heated up it will make it easier to apply without having clumps. Then you just have to play and mold your beard into the shape you want or comb through it to get the desired effect. stachewax Keeping up with the maintenance of the beard also means you need to keep your mustache in check! If you are not constantly trimming it you might want to check out adding some stache wax to your morning routine. Wax will help you shape the stash and keep it all in place. You can also use it to make fun curled edge. Fisticuffs Mustache Wax offers 3 scents the Original, Lavender, and Bay Rum to choose from. The packaging is very unique and easy to fit into your pocket so you can reapply as needed through the day. This metal tin has a lid that slides so it is easy to grab a dab for upkeep during the day.  
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