Time to Get Greased Up, Slick.

Hey. Dudes. Tired of looking everywhere for like, that perfect product to slick back your otherwise unmanageable mange? Some of us here at Sourpuss were too, so we decided to stock up on all manner of hair grease to get that high and tight both higher and tighter. Check out the brands below for some new great groomin' options, and do your 'do up right. Pomades_1 These new products from Shear Revival are as gorgeously designed as they are effective. From varying hold pomades to beard oils and balms to aftershave (for when you give up on that face fuzz), the fine folks at Shear Revival have some killer items that'll class up that bathroom. And, like, your hair and face. Pomades_3 Big Slick. It's all in the name. Bright, bold cans of pomade and the loveliest of scents of beard oil can be found from these card-sharking, Freehold NJ located, hair-doing enthusiasts. Pomades_2 Last but not least: Pomps Not Dead. By far the most most punk as f*ck new set of pomades we got in. With tins featuring nods to classic punk records and a set of holds as varyingly stiff as any little fingers, these may not give you a 4' high mohawk, but they will make your pomp the envy of all the other frumpy-haired rockers.
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