Sourpuss Feat. Retailer of the Month: Vintage Galeria!

Vintage_Galeria_Featured_Retailer Sourpuss(SP): What is your name and position at Hemet Clothing? Vintage Galeria (JW): Janet Walle / Owner/Designer SP: What did you do before working here? JW: College Student/ Utility Forester SP: When did the store open, and whats changed since then? JW: We launched our online store in 2006. A lot of good things have changed since then! We added a ton of new products, updated our website, and opened 3 retail shops here in Southern California. SP: What is the best part of your job? JW: Best part is that it never feels like a "job". I get to do what I like to do. Sell and make products that I personally like, work with my family, a friendly staff and customers who always motivate us to create more. SP: Favorite place you have traveled to and why? JW: I went on a motorcycle run last year from Los Angeles to Mazatlan, Mexico. We stopped at different towns along the way, ate and experienced local life. The scenery was amazing, the weather was perfect and it was just such a carefree time. SP: What is your favorite Sourpuss item this season? JW: The Sourpuss Gil dress in navy. Not only is it a retro delight but it's comfortable and easy to accessorize. SP: What are some of your favorite things to do in Los Angeles? JW: I love to soak in all the local art, crafts shows, music and ridiculous selection of food. In one day you can enjoy authentic Mexican food, Vegan fastfood, and finish with a Thai dinner. All within walking distance! SP: Favorite appliance in your home and why? JW: My blender. I start the morning with a smoothie consisting of anything I find somewhat healthy in my fridge and throwing it in the blender. It usually has good results! SP: What are your most excited about in the upcoming months? JW: I'm super excited about launching some new products we have been working on. Expanding our kids clothing line and tapping into men's apparel. Check out Vintage Galeria's site at: Or their physical shops at: 840 Plaza Drive West Covina, CA 91790 2120 E. 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814
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