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charcoaljewelry We have been carrying items from Charcoal Designs for a very long time. But recently we picked up some new items that are really to die for! They have such lovely creation that really match up with so many items we sell here at Sourpuss! For example the retro cherry necklace and the very cherry earrings will pair up nicely with any Sourpuss Cherry Pie item! brooches Do you have a plain cardigan that you want to dress up! Well the perfect way to do that is to add a brooch! The great thing about a brooch is it can be removed or you can own many and switch them up. Which can make 1 cardigan turn into so many outfits! These cutesy kitch brooches are pretty amazing! There are so many to choose from! wallhangings We mainly know Charcoal Designs for the jewelry that they create. But check out these amazing wall plaques. The Tiki Gods will look amazing in any retro styled living space or a cool man-cave tiki bar in your basement! The Little Mermaids will dress up any bedroom or bathroom! These plaques come in sets of 2 complementing pairs and have a small hook on the back so you can easily attach it to any wall.
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