Father's Day Favorites!

The countdown to Father's Day is on. You've got until June 21st to gather some perfect gear for all the best dads in your life! Not sure what to get? Don't despair because we've got everything you need to treat all the finest fathers! First and foremost, we all know that your pops is bad AF. So let him show it off with this Bad Mother Biker Wallet from Switchblade Stiletto. This wallet is chain-ready, leather and helps your favorite badass dad send a vital message without saying anything at all. Dads2 Speaking of important messages, outfit a rad dad of your choosing in this Kustom Kreeps Dapper T-Shirt. It's 100% cotton, super comfortable and he'll be the envy of the playground when he's showing it off! Dads3 And since we know that your favorite dad's keepin' it dapper 'til death, treat him to some Kustom Kreeps Pomade! We've got all the holds to tame the tresses and scents like mint, root beer and of course, whiskey. You can check out all of our Kustom Kreeps grooming goodies here. And for goodness' sake, don't forget to throw in the perfect comb for that coiffe, like this Rumble 59 Bottle Opener Metal Comb. You heard me, it's one part sturdy metal comb and one part bottle opener. I think we just blew your mind. Dad4 To blow your mind even more, check out this Bacon Body Wash. That's right -  Bacon. Body Wash. It sure beats bathing in hot bacon grease and helps you achieve that perfect meaty-fresh scent! If your old man is looking for something less meatastic, grab him this Whiskey Ink & Lace Coffee & Stout Soap. It combines two fabulous favorites and smells ah-mazing. Dad5 And last but certainly not least, send your big papa off into the world right with one of these! Dreaming of whiskey? Well, dream no more when you gift him Streams of Whiskey... pouring out of his shiny new flask. This Kustom Kreeps Streams of Whiskey Flask will hold 8 oz. of whiskey (or whatever you please) and will send your choice dad happily sailing through the waters of life. Or, for the pops who keeps it real, equip him with this Dirty Old Man Flask - for the dude who wants to say "come to daddy" as eloquently as he can. Keep checking back for more fun finds or take a check out a whole slew of favorites for dudes here.    
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