Sourpuss Limited Edition Artist Series: Kait O'Donnell


We are beyond excited to introduce our very special Eyeblossom designs, created using work from Philly artist Kait O'Donnell! This has been in the works since last year, and we couldn't be happier with how both the Eyeblossom Lizzie dress and the Eyeblossom Doll Baby dress turned out. We asked Kait a few questions about her artistic process and any fun upcoming projects she's working on - enjoy!

katiSP: What made you want to work with Sourpuss?

Kait: Sourpuss has a great aesthetic; I'm a big fan of pin-up and punk styles that are classy but still eye catching and original. You can find pieces from Sourpuss for work or a night out that still have an original flair, which appeals to me greatly. Also, there's lots of skulls which I can't have enough of on my clothing.

SP:What's your favorite subject to draw/paint? What are you the most inspired by?

Kait:  My favorite subject to draw and paint is definitely flowers. They mix well with macabre and darker themes that I like, but bring out a little life to keep a piece from being too heavy. I am the most inspired by music, a good album or concert definitely makes me want to draw.

SP: What artists do you look up to - dead or alive?

Kait: Living artists I look up to include Heather Gabel, Yuko Shimizu and John Dyer Baizley. My friends who are artists and illustrators also inspire me a whole lot. Joan Miro, Dorothea Tanning and many other surrealists are really inspiring to me as far as the dead go.

SP: Where can we see more of your work?

Kait: My website is I post a lot of pieces and works in progress on Instagram (@thee_kaityo) and Tumblr (

SP: Do you have any exciting projects/shows coming up?

Kait: I currently have a show at Milk and Honey at 4th and South St. with my roommate, Kaihly Brouhard. Coming up, I'll be in a Harry Potter themed show at this venue, as well as completing a creepy alphabet project I've been working on.


We'll definitely be working with Kait again in the future - in the meantime, check out these amazing pieces and grab one for yourself!

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