It's Time for a Meat Party with Sourpuss!

MEAT_PARTY_Mailer We don't know about you, but when it comes to summer activities, there aren't many better than BBQ's. And what is a BBQ if not a meat party? And when it's time to meat party, we here at Sourpuss party hard. Now you can too, with our new Meat Party collection! Printed with no actual animal products, these Ada Dresses, Aprons, and Tea Towels are also A-OK for our vegetarian friends, too (you can pretend that all the meaty things printed on there are like, Fieldroast or something)! These adorable, light blue, polka dot, and ric rac trimmed items will be the perfect retro, kitschy addition to all your grillin' extravaganzas this season! See 'em all HERE.
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