I wear my sunglasses at night!

TRES-NOIRTres Noir makes some of the best most affordable handmade sunglasses in the United States! The thing that sets Tres Noir apart from other optics companies is that the owners are deeply rooted in the rock n roll scene! They love all things vintage! They take their love of vintage styling and update it with modern technology to create sunglasses that you are going to love and that are going to last you a long time! mens We currently carry 3 styles for men! I know they all look very similar but there are subtle differences to the shapes and size to get that perfect fit! Whether you are looking for that super retro look with the Upstarts or a little bit of a larger frame with the 45's or you want something that is in the middle of the 2 you can choose the Sixty-Ones.

All Tres Noir glasses have CR39 lenses. They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. They are also shatterproof and come with scratch resistant coating.


And for the ladies we have several new pairs in stock that all offer a vintage feel, but in some classy color combinations and several shapes to choose from whether you like a smaller frame like the Jane or a larger frame like the Sophia.

My personal favorites are the Petrillo because they are a larger frame, with a vintage 70's shape that cover most of my face and eyes offering major protection when I head to the shore this summer. I really love that the inner part of the frames is a honey tortoise shell while the outer part  is black so it will match everything I own!

All Tres Noir glasses are made by hand from acetate sheets. This allows them to use unique colors and gives the frames a heavier feel. Every style we currently have in stock are set up so you can add prescription lenses to them so you can really get a ton of use out of these sunglasses. Just take them to your optician and they will be able to set you up with the proper lenses.

Each pair of frames also comes with a case to keep them safe, a soft rag to keep the lenses clean, and a 1 year factory warranty to replace them if they have any manufacturer defects!

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