They're Back! Are you ready to track?

MVtees Maiden Voyage t-shirts are pretty impressive. Maiden Voyage offers a distinct style of illustrations that work well as t-shirts, posters, and even patches. They offer many options that have to deal with anatomy and searching for the unknown! Shown above is the Phrenology of a Gentleman T-shirt available for both men and women. The Anatomy of a Sailor tee is a really great illustration of what is going on inside of a sailors body! This tan colored tee is super soft and fitted for girls, but they also offer this design in a ringer style t-shirt for men! MVposters Cryptozoology is the study of unknown beings! Whether you believe in Bigfoot, Narwhals, or the strange behavior that happens at the Bermuda Triangle. These amazing posters can be easily framed and will add interest and a conversation piece to any room in your abode. The posters are printed on an 80 lbs paper on an old school printing press and measure 12" x 18". Be sure to check out all the cool posters available by Maiden Voyage. MVpatches Cryptozoologists believe in tracking and not trapping these mysterious beings! These patches are a must have for any Bigfoot trackers or hunters of Nessy! They measure 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" and can easily be sewn onto your jacket or your tracking bag! Be sure to have your camera ready just in case you spot a clue to the existence of these beings that have been able to elude everyone for so many years.
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