ONE DAY ONLY: Huge Sourpuss Sitewide Sale!

One_Day_Hairdo_Sale_1 Just in time for the end of April, what feels (here at least) like the onset of REAL Spring and National Hairstyle Appreciation day (yup...that's a real day) we're offering a huge, site-wide sale: FOR ONE DAY ONLY! Get 25% Off any retail order place in the 24 hour span of April 30th thru May 1st. Just enter the code HAIRDO (one word • all caps • retail only) at checkout, and you're all set! One_Day_Hairdo_Sale_3Looking for the perfect things to pick up with these stylish new savings? Check out our amazing Sad Gato tank, a must have addition to any true gato loving vato's wardrobe. Or maybe, in anticipation of the new Jurassic World premier, you'll wanna pick up these matching Dino-salt & pepper shakers.  Made with real Dino DNA!* *This statement is not true.
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