Get A Pizza this Sourpuss Party Action!

sp_pizza_skater_dress_2 Pizza pizza pizza! Finally a chance to have pizza all over your clothes and not have 'em be ruined. Get everyone's favorite circular food printed on our lovely, easy-breezy skater dresses or skirts. Pizza_Mailer_2 Need even more delicious pizza action? OF COURSE YOU DO! Who wouldn't?! Make sure you don't miss out on these other awesome pizza offerings: our eminently spinnable Pizza Umbrella and a very necessary enamel Pizza Pin. Pizza_Mailer_4 Still not done? Need even more 'za? ( I can't believe i just typed 'za.) Don't worry: we've got a full menu. Pizza Coloring books featuring today's best lady comedians, pizza iPhone cases, Pizza greeting cards and even more pizza pins...they're all here for the party, too. See all things pizza related HERE.
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