Get ready to work on your back stroke! Bathing Suits are Back!

Sailor_Bikinis These hot little numbers are back for a second round! Spring is in the air and soon everyone will be heading to their favorite sandy beach destination for some relaxing and working on their tans! So upgrade last years suit to a new nautical inspired suit! The Set Sail striped swimsuit is a subtle way to add a pinup nautical theme. Or you can dress up a little more with the Seaworthy Skipper suit which will really put you in a pinup mood. Whether you are working on your tan or actually working on your backstroke, both of these suits offer a cute look at an affordable price! Keep your eyes peeled for all the new swimsuits we have coming in within the next 3 weeks! Just in time to head to the local pool or take a trip to the shore! See all swimwear!
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