It's a Book Bonanza!

BooksWhat are you, some kind of Bookworm or something? If you are, then rejoice - you've come to the right place! Did you know that we have a marvelous section devoted to books? Well, we do and it's chock full of awesome reads for big & little kids. Thrill yoself with Thrill Murray - the Bill Murray coloring book because... Bill Murray. That is all. There's also plenty o' hours of reading fun to be had with Happy Punks 123 - because it's never to early to cultivate good taste and, well, counting. That's usually a plus. But first, curl up with some of our handpicked new arrivals, such as the next gem on my To-Be-Voraciously-Read List: 924 Gilman. This sturdy little paperback recounts the creation and tumultuous times of the famous Berkeley, CA all-ages venue. It's a compilation of first-hand accounts and really cool ephemera, worthy of any history buff or music lover. For those upcoming lazy, hazy days of summer, check out Making A Scene: New York Hardcore 1985-1988. A perfect beachside companion, this book is a captivating collection of over 200 photos, lyrics and commentary by those who lived it - and lived to tell the tale. Don't just sit there - these books aren't going to read themselves. Tear into our newest additions and fun favorite books right here.    
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