Period Panties Really Pack a Punch!

PP1 Harebrained has been making so many new styles of Period Panties! Who knew how many funny ways you could say that you are on your period! We recently received in 4 new styles that will either make you laugh your ass off or some might make you cringe. A term I have used more than most is a visit from Aunt Flo. Now there is a panty that embraces that with a rolling pin brandishing Aunt right there on your derrière. Do you ever feel like you cannot trust something that bleeds for 5 days and does not die? Well the Crime Scene Panties might just strike your fancy! They even include a blood hound on the rear to help solve that case! pp2 The Crotching Tiger has to be one of my personal favorites! Who knew that tampon nunchuks would be there to save the day! This little tiger is saving you from that Red Dragon! The Wonder Womban panties have her ready to pack a punch in your ovaries right into your horrible week. All period panties are a 95% Cotton 5 % elastane blend. They remind me of the "underoos" we all had as children. They include a black lining which is nice to not mess up the fun colorful designs if you happen to have an accident. They will cheer you up on your week of gloom and doom. Period Panties really just turn regular undies into FUNdies!  
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