Devilishly Sweet Treats With Monster Stewart

MONSTER-STEWART_1 Looking for something to soothe that fiendish sweet tooth? Don’t fret, Mary-Catherine of Monster Stewart has just what you need to curb those cravings. She’s the perfect blend of Marilyn Munster and Martha Stewart! Head on over to Monster Stewart to get tons of great recipes for your wicked taste-buds. And when you need a place to hold your new sweets, try a Sourpuss Cupcake Cookie Jar – the perfect hybrid of macabre and charming! If you're in need of some killer cookie cutters, head on over to our housewares section and take a peek at all the fun styles we carry - including the Cursed Voodoo Cookie Cutter! What she’s wearing: Sourpuss Dark Houndstooth Wiggle Dress MONSTER-STEWART_2
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