Don't Miss these Superb Striped Handbags + Coin Purses at Sourpuss!

1a_Stripes_MailerYou're not gonna want miss these great, matte-vinyl, striped lil' numbers from Sourpuss! Add some vintage handbag flair to any outfit with any of our Floozy purses (both regular and coin) complete with bold black stripes, large vinyl bows, kisslock closures, and sturdy handles & construction. See 'em all HERE! Maybe you want a bit more carrying room...well then, you're tote-ally gonna need a bigger bag! Fortunately for you, we've got these lovely, blocked, vinyl tote bags. Perfect for throwing over your shoulder to carry groceries or for a night out on the town, these zippered top bags can safely carry all your essentials! Snag yours HERE3a_Stripes_Mailer

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