Spring Into These New Sourpuss Styles!

New_Dresses_1Spring has officially sprung! Get into the spirit of the season with a lil' help from all of these new, fully Springtime approved dresses from Sourpuss. Cherries, stripes and polka dots? We got em. Fruit and gingham patterns and leopard print? Of course.  But, like, how about a zip up diner dress from the Clash that says Straight to Hell or a pattern consisting of switchblade wielding thug kittens. Yes. Yes to both of those. All these (and a ton more) great dresses can all get peeped HERE. New_Dresses_2Also: Cardigans, all the cardigans. Embroidered ones. Ones with anchors and bows. Ones with adorable cupcakes that say Eat Shit and Die. Because, we're great. New_Dresses_3Spring into some new tops, too, with these great button up numbers, also from us!  More cherries, bows, ginghams, polka dots, and amazing embroideries than you can shake a stick at. And seriously, why would you want to shake a stick at those things? Who goes around shaking sticks?
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