Set Sail on the Seven Seas

Set_Sail_Post Ahoy there, Matey! If salt water runs through your veins, if you swear that you've seen the Kraken, or if you long to be trapped with Gilligan on his desert island, then it's the luckiest of days because we have all of the nautical finds that you can plunder! Landlubbers beware, because you're about to get tangled up... in some tentacles! Throw on our gorgeous Sourpuss Octopus Western Dress and you'll be ready to assume your duties as the First Mate of Looking Awesome. Rustle up some grub and enjoy in our Sourpuss Nautical Octopus Bowl - just don't let the Octopus get your grub first! And most importantly, cure what ails you by filling up your Anchor Flask with caution, mind you, because until you've got your sea legs, there's no standing too close to the edge of the deck! If your land dwelling serves as your ship away from home, we've got everything that you need to make even Blackbeard feel at ease. Countdown the days until you set sail again with this brand new Anchor Clock! Hide away all of your most secret treasures in your brand new Anchor Storage Box, the perfect way to hide your goodies from prying shipmates! If that's still not enough to tide you over until you're back on the high seas, keep your favorite ship close to your heart when you're wearing our Sourpuss Tall Ship Necklace! So what are you waiting for? Tie on your new favorite Kustom Kreeps Death or Glory Bandana, gather up your whole crew and get prepared to shop in our tidal wave of treasures! Check out all of our best nautical finds, minus the scurvy, here and here.
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