Creative Cards Tell Someone How You Feel!

blackletterpress I have to say when these cards arrived from Black Heart Letterpress, I spent at least 5 minutes laughing at each one and imagining who I would mail each one to! Then I came up with a fake relationship and how each one could pertain to the growth and demise of a relationship! So here is a fun story about a girl who meets a guy. Jane meets Jack at a bar. Jack buys Jane some vodka sodas and they get to know each other. They are instantly infatuated with each other and spend the whole week hanging out each night. Jane mails Jack The True Gentleman Card - She imagines how great it is that she met Jack and he is the one for her. She wants to take things slow but they decide to be exclusive. Three weeks later is Jacks birthday! Jane gives him the Partner in Crime Card! She feels like they are getting closer. Jack decides he will be romantic and sends Jane the Let Me Put My Love in You card! Nothing says romance like AC/DC! Jane thinks this is cute so she gives him the wanna hump card! So it is agreed and they do the dirty deed! Jane lavishes Jack with gifts and lets him move in.  And Jane starts falling more in love. Jack on the other hand is happy he is living rent free and sponging off Jill. Janes birthday is coming up so he gets the Happy Birthday Sucker! She finds it cute because she loves Octopus! He really just was getting sick of her but thought he would get a card that was sort of literal without being too big of a jerk. Jane realizes Jack is acting weird and one day goes to get the mail and there is a card with hearts all over it addressed to Jack. She decides to break the law and open his mail! It is the I wanna ____ You Like An Animal Card! It is from a girl that Jack had hooked up with a week before at the same bar they had met at! Jane confronts Jack! He admits to cheating. He feels slightly guilty about what he did. So he gives Jane the I'm An Ass. Sorry. card. Jane is not a forgiving person. She is upset and stabs Jack in the arm with a pair of dirty scissors after giving him the Die Die Die My Darling Card. He has to rush to the hospital. He gets stitches and heads to his friends house to stay. Jack does not take care of his wounded arm or his wounded heart.  A week later the stab wound gets infected with gangrene. His arm is immediately amputated. Jack is devastated. Jane hears about the mess she caused and decides to mail Jack the It Could Be Worse Card.  She writes her own personal note inside and asks if they can remain friends. They do.  
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