When Socks Attack

SharkSocksAye, matey! It looks like someone just took the swim of their life.. and wrangled up a live pair of our  Sourpuss Shark Socks! That's right - these sharp-toothed sea beauties are headed to dry land to take a bite out of you. We've got a pair for both Guys & Gals, so your new shark friend will have plenty to snack on. For all the ladies who live dangerously, take a peek at these. They're 17" high and feature your favorite seafaring friend, creeping up your calf to say hello! Gentlemen, dive right in and reel yourself out a pair of the sharpest damn socks you can find! Don't worry - it won't hurt at all, promise! So if you're hungry for a piece of the beach and can't wait for summer, grab yourself a pair of these and make yourself their next tasty meal. Can't get enough? Sink your teeth into these must-haves to complete your look right here.    
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