Get on your Bike!

bike2   Do you love riding 2 wheels? I do! I live in the city! Years ago I had a much cooler bike than what I ride now. I currently have a Diamondback mountain bike which I ride to my local bar and for quick trips to the Wawa or the grocery store when I forgot an main ingredient. I recently picked up a couple new items to make riding my bike more fun and also safer! The Skull LED bike light set has given my diamondback a little balls! These things strap on easy with the stretchy straps. I normally set my rear red one to blink so that people see me as they are driving up behind me. You would really surprised how much light the front one puts off with just those 2 little eyes! I set it to stay on so I can use it as a head light and see ahead especially when I am riding at night. I also recently added the Bike Bolt! It reminds me of my childhood Schwinn now. I feel like this lightening bolt reflector makes my diamondback go a little faster! It adds just one more thing to keep me safe while I am riding at night. onlygod_messenger When I take trips to the store this Liquorbrand Messenger Bag works great at filling with tons of groceries! It has a great adjustable strap that I can get fitted just right while riding my bike. I also love that it has the clips to keep the bag shut because I am not always paying attention to my bag while riding. pink_bike_ralph_prb_koozie_3 Finally I have a little water bottle holder on my bike which normally is holding a can of PBR or bottle of water. I love being able to use my fun new koozie by Pink Bike Ralph. This koozie embraces all things about PBR with a fun bike wheel. Not only does it keep my hands warm and my drink cold, but when I have it out in public people just know I love to ride my bike!
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