Junebugs + Georgia Peaches review our Sugar Sweater + Betsy Purse!

JUNEBUGS_SUGAR_SWEATER_PROMOSaddle shoes, damn fine coffee and cherry pie, and the softest pink sweaters + classic handbags all make an appearance in this great, Twin Peaks inspired post on the Junebugs + Georgia Peaches blog this week! Pairing a darlin' vintage plaid skirt with our adorable Sugar Sweater this put-together look draws on Audrey Horne's pin-sharp style from the log-loving, murderer-hunting, surrealist, cult-classic TV show (making that 2016 comeback)! See their post (and all their other great content) at JunebugsAndGeorgiaPeaches.Blogspot.com and our Sugar Sweater and Betsy Purses at those links.
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