Baking with Cookie Cutters and Stampers!

Recently most of the cookie cutters and stampers were restocked! Who does not love to eat cookies? Why just have boring cookies either! You can liven up any cookie tray by using fun cookie cutters and royal icing! I have found that a good sugar cookie works best when using the stampers to get the designs to really pop out! Royal Icing will give you a crisp clear coloring and will dry to keep the image neat unlike frosting or gel icings. Royal Icing kits are normally available at any craft store!
The best kept secret with using a stamper and cutter is to make sure your dough has been chilled to cut! So set it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before rolling it out. I strongly suggest chilling it for 2 hours for the BEST results.
Another great tip is you can never have enough flour around to keep your cutters from sticking! Between each cut be sure to dip the cutter in flour and shake off the excess.
So find your favorite cookie recipe and get started!
Whether you want to make some fun rapper delights with the Baking with My Homies. This set includes 3 cutters of  favorite old school rappers.
You might just love fun old school tattoo designs Tough Cookies! This set includes 4 designs that will be fun to color in.
You can send your child to school with some Mexican wrestlers Mucha Libre
Place a hex on your nemesis by whipping up some voodoo dolls with the Cursed Cookies!
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