Sourpuss Gift Certificates are on Sale!

Gift_Certificate_Sale_Mailer_1From February 9th thru February 12 we're having a sale on all Sourpuss Gift Certificates! Just enter the code CERTIFICATES (one word • all caps • doesn't combine) and save 15% on any amount Gift Certificate purchase! We only do this once a year, you better jump on it while it's here. Gift_Certificate_Sale_Mailer_3While you're at it, you should check out all the amazing new stuff we got in this week from Vive 1977, Thrillhaus patches (which, seriously, we're all drooling over here) and of course a slew of amazing new T's from Kustom Kreeps (that Tatttoo Removal one gets better every time I see it, and it started out pretty dang awesome).
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