Pinterest Giveaway Time!

PINTEREST_VALENTINES_DAY_GIVEAWAY_B With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought to ourselves – what a perfect time to spread around some love! And what better way to do that then do have a giveaway! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love new accessories? No one! So here’s your chance to win some great Valentine’s Day themes goodies – our Tattooed Heats Tote Bag and True Love Parasol! Here’s how: 1. Follow us on Pinterest 2. Create your own “True Love” themed board. Be as creative as you like, points for originality! Show us what you love, or show us how you love to hate Valentine’s Day – whatever you want! Have fun! 3. Get pinning! Pin as much as you like – just make sure at least 5 pins come directly from 4. Share your board with us! Post a link to your board on our Pinterest page - in the comments section under the image for this contest. (Click Here to get to the contest) 5. On February 13th we’ll pick a winner! Remember – points for creativity! The winner will be announced after they have been contacted about their prize.  
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