Who Can? You Can!

rosie_the_riverter_poster This just in... you can now adorn your walls and your lunch with the always-iconic Rosie the Riveter! Created during WWII by J. Howard Miller, Rosie is a timeless piece of historical art and lucky you - we have two ways for you to show off your girl power! First, get your Rosie fix with our beautiful and super brand new 24"x36" poster! It's perfect for your walls at home, work or wherever you need an infusion of the 'can-do' spirit! Next, grab your lunch and go - in your new Rosie the Riveter Lunch Box. This full-size, all-metal beauty features your favorite gal, Rosie, on both sides and is ready to be the envy of all those other lunch boxes and their owners. Or, if boxed lunch isn't your style, throw your favorite red lipstick and red bandana inside and fashion your own awesome purse! So, now that you've seen both fun ways to show off your Rosie, run, don't walk over to Housewares and show 'em who can - you!
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