Hello Kitty Sophisticated Bags and Wallets

hellokitty1 I was in NYC this past weekend walking around Time Square and my boyfriend and I got to meet Hello Kitty! She was telling me how excited she was about all the new bags and wallets that Sourpuss Clothing just got in and how it makes her feel a little more grown up! The new Black and Cream Satchel especially with the matching wallet with 3-D bow are super classy. The bag is super large so you can fit everything you will ever need inside! It features rolled handles which are super sturdy and a removable cross body shoulder strap! hellokitty2 My boyfriend, Matt was super excited to meet Hello Kitty also! She told him all about the new wallets and tried to convince him to get me one for my upcoming birthday. They all feature cool metal hardware and are embossed all over hello kitty faces! There are several styles to choose from too! Whether you like a snap wallet to be able to open and close quickly to reach your credit card! Or if you like a zip around wallet so you feel that your items will have no chance of getting lost or falling out there are several to choose from for each persons likes! satchels There are so many bags to choose from with an updated more sophisticated look and feel we are sure you are going to love all the new Hello Kitty merchandise from Loungefly!
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