Beware the Undead Adorableness of Sourpuss New Zombie Bunnies!

Zombunnies_1aThe only thing more dangerous than the bite of an undead, zombie bunny is how evilly adorable it is! (Well, maybe...) These lil' brain-exposed carrot munchers will be the shining centerpiece of any Easter outfit, whether hanging out with skulls, severed rabbits feet, and brain cupcakes on our honky tonkin' Hellbilly dress + pinup inspired peggy dress, or embroidered on a frilly, bright pink, cropped Bella Cardigan. See the whole damn set of 'em HERE.  Zombunnies_3Maybe you're on the hunt for a simpler, more classic addition to your wardrobe? Our Beki top has all those bases covered. This  form flattering top is the perfect compliment to any pair of your favorite fit jeans or an always amazing pencil skirt. See these bombshells HERE.
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