All New Sourpuss Ceramics are Here!

New CeramicsWowsers. So, we just got in a shipment of all new, all amazing ceramic housewares. Here's the list of new must-have items for your home that you didn't even know you needed until right now: Nautical Ceramics: A Huge Ramen-ready Bowl adorned with a creeping octopus? Yuuuuup. Also a ship shape, printed plate. And don't miss the anchor mug. All dishwasher & microwave safe, printed, contrasty items key to any galley. Ceramic Cookie Jars: Need somewhere to stash those too-easy-to-eat sugary sweets? Why not hide them in a cupcake with a skull? Or one that is mostly a brain? We don't know why not. Salt + Pepper Shakers: Single piece ceramic S + P shakers that resemble old apothecary style jars printed with skulls, and sparrows, and poison labeling. You'd have to be all loopy on arsenic to NOT think these were great. Let's Bake Platter: A huge 12" platter with our tattoo inspired, classic, skull adorned cupcake Sugar Skull Mugs: These mugs feature low relief molded sugar skull faces decorated with the standard DotD ornamentation, as well as some fangs, diamonds, and brass knuckles.
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