Whiskey Helps!

WHISKEYHELPS.JPG The word whiskey, when translated from Latin aqua vitae, means water of life! So let's get hydrated! In medieval times and during prohibition whiskey was used for medicinal purposes. So not only is it life's lively water it is medicine which means it HELPS! Whiskey now can be drank in so many ways! Whether you enjoy a straight shot, or in a rocks glass over ice, or even hidden in your coffee there is a way for everyone to enjoy some whiskey today! When your glass or mug says "I love you more than I love whiskey!" That has got to be some kind of love! A love that is stronger than medicine and life itself. Some people love the smell of whiskey so much that there are even colognes made! It is a sophisticated scent from the casks that whiskey ages in with hints of vanilla. So plan to carry your flask and drink out of a dirty glass! All the girls know that a little whiskey is going to make you frisky. See all Whiskey related items Here Here are a couple recipes that you might find handy! Sweet and Nutty Irish Coffee  - Serve in a Coffee Mug 1/4 oz Irish Whiskey 1/4 oz Frangelico 1/2 oz Bailey's Irish Cream 6 oz Hot Black Coffee Whipped Cream Fill mug with coffee. Add liquor. Stir. Top with whipped cream. Old Fashioned - Serve in a Rocks Glass 1 Sugar Cube 3 dashes Angostura bitters Club Soda 2 oz Rye Whiskey Place sugar cube into glass. Splash cube with bitters. Add a splash of club soda and muddle the ingredients together with a wooden spoon, stirrer, or chopstick! Swirl sugar syrup that is created around lining the glass. Add one large ice cube. Pour in Rye. Serve with stirrer.  
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