The Oblong Box Shop: One of Sourpuss Favorite Retailers!

Oblong_Box_Promo_1aCheck out the lovely models of the Oblong Box Shop looking gorgeous in their favorite Sourpuss gear! The Oblong Box Shop is a mostly online boutique that also does pop-up events, and also one of our favorite retailers, from Southern California. Subscribing to the idea that no two bodies are exactly alike, the Oblong Box looks to cater to folks of all shapes & sizes with vintage inspired  clothing and accessories that are as gorgeous as they are approachable. And interview! What is your name and title at The Oblong Box Shop? Denialle Fitch, Owner/Designer/Photographer In looking at your website you can tell you really have a passion for Pin-up and Vintage, what sparked that interest for you? I was born in the wrong era. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved vintage. From vintage furniture to records to clothing… everything about the past is romantic to me. When I see something vintage I just imagine all the places it’s been and the people who wore or owned it - my imagination just goes wild. What is your best thrift score/flea market score? My first purchase right out of design school with my first paycheck was a mid century modern lamp and I still have it in my bedroom. What is your favorite Sourpuss item this season? I just loved the Sputnik Skirt! It really epitomizes the 1950’s atomic era and is so fun and cute to wear. What did you do before starting The Oblong Box Shop? I am a graphic designer by trade. Most recently I worked in the Halloween costume industry designing graphics for costumes. I learned all about sublimation and printing on fabric which inspired me to design my own line of novelty print skirts. Best things to do in San Diego? The food is amazing here! So many amazing restaurants and craft cocktails! What is one thing you can't live without? My black pen eyeliner of course - I’ve gotta have the perfect cat eye! Where is the best place you have traveled to and why? I went to New Orleans a while ago and I just loved the French Quarter. All the history and ghost stories - it was fascinating! Who is your style icon? Oh boy that’s such a tough one. I get inspiration from so many strong women… I love how classy Dita Von Teese can be… and I love how sassy Tura Satana is! From shy and demure Audrey Hepburn to the icons of the classic exotica record covers…I love tiki, gothic, horror & burlesque topped off with a bit of class…. you can guarantee there will always be a little bit of sin in my style! Anything new and exciting coming up in the new year for The Oblong Box? Anything you would like to share with us? I’m working on my own line of novelty print skirts! I have 2 out now but 5 more in the works. I draw all the art myself and have the fabric custom printed and sewn.  Officially launching at Viva Las Vegas 2015 in the fashion show! Check out the shop at: Oblong_Box_Promo_2
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