Beloved ~ Defining Ridiculous!

cats In case you didn't notice, a lot of new brands sauntered through our doors this holiday season. One that we are especially stoked to have on board is Beloved! If you're "in the know" you may have seen Beloved being worn by the likes of Rob Dyrdek, Miley Cyrus, and Katie Perry, amongst others. What might you have seen on those folks? Well probably all over pizza print onesies or other amazing, fashion defying, works of printed art. These fun and whimsical all over designs are what make Beloved stand out from it's dime store knock offs. Beloved is a true trailblazer of the photo realistic fashion medium, offering body styles not available from brands of a similar ilk. The owner Jeremiah Robison's bearded visage can be seen throughout Beloved's website. Often adorned in all sorts of wickedly awesome Beloved apparel, Robison proves they really stand behind what they make. Beloved also truly loves their customers, making it a point to showcase them wherever and whenever they can. All items are made in the USA and how it's made is just as important to them as the designs they make. We think they are pretty stand up folks and hope you'll be just as excited about them too! Check out the Beloved items we have available for you and embrace this super fun brand that will continue to evolve just to your liking! Beloved
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