Glamour Kills ~ Started from the Bottom Now They're Here!

GK@ Back in 2005 I was vending a table at the Asbury Park Convention Center for the first official Bamboozle Festival. All of the vendors packed the upstairs halls surrounding Hurley Stage as we all sold our meager goods during a rainy and chilly April. Lots of folks vended those halls, some memorable, some not so much, but one who always stood out was Glamour Kills. Just two super friendly and approachable dudes with a flying pig banner hocking their wares with the rest of us, what's not to like? Fast forward ten years later and Glamour Kills has become it's own little empire, offering the same styled goods they started with but expanded to bigger and bolder things. We love the simple style of Glamour Kills. It's different enough to feel unique but still practical, making their apparel something everyone can wear, not just one particular subculture. Since their meager basement beginnings, Glamour Kills now offers both women's and men's apparel ranging from accessories to swimwear. We always love a brand that stays true to their customers and true to their style no matter how much they've grown and we hope you love them too! Check out our assortment of Glamour Kills products here.GK#
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